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Military Base
Версия Unreal Engine

A massive landscape with 64 Square Kilometers of playable area, with a military base established near the sand dunes. Assets have LODs and lightmaps, made suitable for creating vast military bases of your own. Both overview and demonstration maps already have lighting baked. Screenshots taken with SSGI at 200% Screen-Res. Enjoy!

Note: Along with original assets, this product contains assets from our "Military Base" package.

1x1 Meters Vertex Density
• Surface customization through material instance parameters
• Controllable distance based landscape tessellation
• Large Scale Landscape Ambient Occlusion
• Library of custom plug and play functions
• 64 Square Kilometers of playable area
• Heightmap based layer blending
• Paintable landscape layers
• Dynamic Cloud shadows
• Realistic lighting
• Background Mesh
Technical Details
Number of Unique Meshes: 59
Collision: Yes/Auto
LODs: Yes/Auto
Number of Materials: 20
Material Instances: 68
Number of Textures: 165
Texture Resolutions: Various - Up to 8K
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
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