Coin 5.0 Char ‌‌‍‍‎ MidBlob the Slime 5.0+

MidBlob the Slime
Версия Unreal Engine

- Fully physical skeletal mesh with 6 physical asset presets for different looks like jelly or liquid. all 6 assets comes with 3 thickness variants so there is 18 physical assets in total.

- 44 Animations.

- Can Parasite/control over prey.

- FPS mode (Slime vision).

- Liquid-like looking Advanced material with rich settings.

- New and Improved/modified Blueprint. as previous slimes blueprints, its for player and prey. but its now cleaner and better optimized. This Bp's allows you to use features like: Relax/Stiff your slime, Target and attack to take control over prey, Switch to FPS mode, Change material color and Play a selected animations and change speed for them. Key maps can be found in demo level, on the side wall.

- Relax/stiffness HUD for better feedback and understanding.

- Physical assets are additionally build for 3 versions of UE 4.26, 5.0 and 5.1. it's because each of this UE versions are simulating physics differently

Blob's fictional backstory:

Blob's are dangerous and Cosmos-like looking slimes. But this Deep beauty is the “last thing to see” for their preys. But Blobs are also parasitic monsters that can take control over preys. so if preys are lucky, they can be chosen for being a host. If slime prefers to use its prey as host, preys can stare to this cosmos for long time, until they become absolutely tired or fully absorbed.

… and also "lucky traveler's handbook" has a all-known passage about this blobby slimes: “if you think you found all beauty of the deepest night sky under the your feet, you are welcome to all darkness of personal hell of you.”

Technical Details​

Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: No
Number of Bones: 94 (including Root)
Number of physical assets: 6 (3 thickness variants per asset. 18 assets in total)
Animated: Yes
Number of Animations: 44
Animation type: In-place
Number of characters: 1
Vertex counts of characters: 2748
Number of Materials: 1 advanced material + 2 material
Number of Textures: 2 (rgba packed)
Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048
Tested on: Windows 10 (additionally tested and uploaded 3 versions: 4.26, 5.0 and 5.1. all tested and optimised for same look of physics.)
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