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V.I.P 4.24 Envir Medieval Town, Models and Materials 4.24

Medieval Town, Models and Materials
Версия Unreal Engine
Included are a good variety or models and materials perfect for creating a barbarian town. Works with Iron Age, medieval, barbarian, and Viking type settings.

This medieval pack is intended to be used in the creation of a prototype or finished game. Everything shown in the screens, including the scene itself, is included. Lighting and PostProcessVolume are included. Most props use multiple materials consisting of a normal map, roughness map, specular map, and color map. Some materials consist of transparency and metal maps. The sky is the sky included with the engine.

Important/Additional Notes: There is a torch fire particle effect included. This is included as an extra to the pack. It can be used freely but LOD will need to be set up for it.

A small terrain is also included more to showcase the possibilities of the pack than anything else. It can be used in your project if you wish, but the height map would probably need to be blended on to a much larger landscape.

Only two of the buildings are furnished in the level. The others could be easily filled with the props included. This may be sufficient, but depending on the popularity of this pack I may create an expansion to add even more props.

Check out Lost Day Games for more information about the pack!

4.22 and Beyond Note: Due to the lighting changes in 4.22 you may find that the lighting is darker than expected in the scene. Raising the Intensity Scale of the Sky Light and the Intensity of the Directional Light and Point Lights then baking will fix this.
Technical Details
  • Buildings with interiors. Including 2 x log cabins, 2 x stone huts, and 1 x wooden keep. Buildings are in pieces, for example -base, walls, and roof are separate meshes.
  • Palisade pieces created in sections that can be used to create a variety of town sizes.
  • Palisade tower.
  • A variety of medieval props. See Content Browser screen.
  • Foliage. Multiple grass clusters, trees, and bushes with a variety of switchable materials.
  • 4 material blend for terrain.
Texture Sizes:
  • The majority are 2048x2048 with only a small amount smaller. 4096 x 4096 is used for the thatch.
Scale: Centimeters
Simple Collision: Yes, custom when necessary, auto generated when sufficient. No collision on grass or bushes.
Lightmap UVs: Optimized on creation of asset, not auto generated.
Triangle Count: Varies greatly. Low end is around 50 triangles, high end is around 20,000. Created using typical poly budgets. I’d say the most common are between 1000 and 5000.
LODs: Yes, on some meshes. One additional level. Meshes included are trees, bushes, all palisade pieces, palisade tower, cabin roofs, and hut roofs. No LODs on meshes not previously listed.
Number of Meshes: 91
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 62
Number of Textures: 175
Performance: Consistent 120 fps on midrange system at 1080p. This is with baked lighting.
First release
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