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V.I.P 4.25 Envir Medieval Series: Watch Tower + Interiors Pack 4.25

Medieval Series: Watch Tower + Interiors Pack
Версия Unreal Engine
A Pack containing High Quality PBR Medieval Assets that could also be used in a Fantasy scenario : a Medieval Watch Tower with interiors, a Bridge that can connect one tower to another in a modular way, ruined Banners with two different themes, ruined Carpets with two different themes and a totally smashed/destroyed version, the aforementioned carpets and banners in a Moss and dirt covered version, two types of Pebbles and Pebbles covered in Moss, two wall Torches, a common hand Torch, a Fire Plate, Particles and Light Function for both Torch and Fire Plate Fires, nine Decals ( three Dirt, three Ruined, three Moss) you can use to customize your scenes, and BP for opening Doors and Windows easy to use and to customize (The input key is currently set to E).
Most of the assets come in two different texture resolutions, so one can choose between 2k to 4k, or 1k to 2k.
The Watch Tower comes in two versions, an exterior only version with black covered window holes, as an only decorative structure for your scenes, and a version with interiors that players can visit, it has three floors, ground floor, 1st floor and top floor and also has a mid and narrow floor between ground and 1st floor. As mentioned above players can access the Tower and the bridges with the included Door Blueprints, it also includes window Blueprint to open/close the windows while inside the Tower, the pack also includes versions with fixed windows for each of the middle part variations (Only tower, one bridge B, two bridges C and D). With this pack you can add to your scene and customize the Medieval Watch Tower, you can choose if it'll be a lonely tower or if it'll be part of an Outpost using the bridges to connect one tower to the other.
Technical Details
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Texture Size: from 1024 to 4096 depending on the asset
Collision: Yes (custom for complex assets, generated for simple ones)
Number of Meshes: 46 (many meshes are now made of multiple meshes combined in one with different materials to be easier to use and to assemble, also the Spiral Staircase has two versions, one with external invisible wall collision and one with realistic collision)
Number of Materials: 91 (82 + 9 Decal materials)
Number of Textures: 3 for each model (Diffuse, Normal, Lightmask: Red Roughness, Green Metallic, Blue AO) + 3 more of higher resolution for most of the models + 3 for banners/carpets/door/window/pebbles Moss Version + 3 more for the same models of higher resolution Moss Version
Number of Particles: 2 ( P_Bonfire, P_TorchFire )
Number of Decals: 9
Number of Blueprints: 2
Vertex Count: 4 - 7636(4 for carpets, 8 for banners, 7636 the main Door of the Watch Tower, the tower parts are an average 2000-5000)
First release
Last update
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