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Coin 4.25 Envir Medieval Lake Village 4.25+

Medieval Lake Village
Версия Unreal Engine
Medieval Lake Village is a AAA quality environment kit for your game. It contains everything you need for a realistic medieval environment.
Technical Details

• 20 unique style houses, each having 2 PBR materials with 8K textures. There are 3 common materials for each house.
• Interiors.
• Modular dock system which includes bridges, planks, poles etc.
• A marketplace that includes stalls, food, boxes etc.
• Many decorative objects such as street lights, boats, logs etc.
• Realistic snow particle system, with 4 snow flakes variations.
• Top projection shader for adding snow on objects.
• A complete, game-ready environment.

Important fix: If your character is not able to walk the stairs you will need to increase the walkable slope angle of the mesh (Static Mesh Settings/ Walkable Slope Override.)

Texture Sizes:
  • Houses - 8192 X 8192
  • Objects/Docks - 4096 X 4096
  • Others - 2048 X 2048

Collision: Simple and Custom Collision
Vertex Count: Houses - Number of vertices is 7000 average
LODs: 3 LODs for most of the meshes.
Number of Meshes: 110

* Stairs and doors are separate meshes. You can rotate/scale/remove them.
* Use house prefabs for an accurate scale.
* Background mountains are not included in the package. Please send an e-mail if you need to download them.
* Water material is not included in the package. You can find it in the Landscape Mountains project.
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