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V.I.P 4.25 Envir Matte Painting Skybox Bundle 4.25

Matte Painting Skybox Bundle
Версия Unreal Engine

Age of Flowmap is here! Now you can have animated painted skies similar that of God of Waror Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Now for the first time, all the skies of the previous two Matte Painting Skybox packs are here and with a completely new blueprint system which enables incredible animations. In order to be used better with the power of flowmap animation, most of the skies were re-designed, re-painted and adjusted for this system.

Bundle Pack includes now fully animated, performance friendly, flowmap powered 10 movie quality matte paintings that were created as a sky pack for Unreal Engine. (Also there are 2 additional aurora paintings that are not animated but kept here for a complete bundle).

The skies are projected on to a sphere with UVs designed to serve as half domes. So the pack is not based on old 6 image based box system.

I also included an 8k desert landscape with animated cloud shadows similar to my Elite Landscapes Series as a gift. There are total of 22 maps with/without terrain options for fast or low end computers. All sky images are 4K quality and have materials to easily change color, contrast, exposure, speed and other animation features.

I am a former digital matte artist so I hope you like my paintings. Please note that only Matte Painting Skybox Pack I and II are featured in this bundle.
Technical Details
  • 12 sky images
  • 1 high resolution desert landscape (8k)
  • 22 Levels with different light setups
  • Blueprint based Flowmap animation system
  • Animated Cloud shadows
Texture Sizes: All skies are 4096x4096. Some textures for terrain and material functions are 2048x2048.
Collision: Yes, Automatic.
LODs: Yes, Automatic Landscape LOD.
Number of Meshes: 1 Landscape, 1 Static Mesh for Sky sphere.
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6 Base Materials, 25 Material Instances, 4 Material Functions
Number of Textures: 31
First release
Last update
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