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Main Menu & UI System
Версия Unreal Engine
AAA quality menu system for your UE4 project, with full keyboard and gamepad navigation, multiplayer support, Save System. Written in Blueprint and additional functionality is provided via free plugin.
Example of multiplayer, save system, Gamepad navigation is included with demo level.


Pause Menu preview:

Startup video preview with skip feature:


[NEW 2.1] Try out the Demo before purchase:


[UPDATED] Documentation:

Technical Details​


  • Main menu Widgets, setting widgets and custom widgets with full customization
  • [v2.1][UE 5 only] New Multiplayer system including server browser, lobby, team scroreboard
  • [v2.0][4.26 only] New dropdown control
  • [v2.0] Added auto navigation system, for grid like navigation for Inventory or any other UI stuff
  • [v2.0] Rewrite of the UI navigation system, now more efficient and stable
  • [v1.9] Added Multiplayer support with server browser
  • [v1.8] New help panel popup for setting items and their values
  • [v1.8] Added key combination support. Now you can rebind any modifier key with another key (eg.ctrl+w)
  • [v1.8] Ability to add password field with custom masking character
  • [v1.6] Assasins creed style startup videos with skip text
  • [v1.6] Full keyboard and gamepad navigation support
  • [v1.6] Added startup video option with both video and UMG animation with audio
  • 2 Different Main Menu style. 1 Pause Menu
  • Full mouse & keyboard key rebind
  • Animated button
  • Simple loading screen
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Latest updates

  1. Update to v2.1 (server browser, lobby, team scroreboard)

    [v2.1][UE 5 only] New Multiplayer system including server browser, lobby, team scroreboard +...
  2. update to 4.27 v2.1

    update to 4.27 v2.1
  3. v2 (05/05/21)

    last update v2 (05/05/21)