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M5 VFX RPG2. Projectile
Trailer & Test Play:

M5VFXRPG2. Projectile includes stylish stylized projectiles that can be applied to RPG or various games.
The package includes levels that you can play with projectiles made from beam particles, ribbon particles, and more.

# To test-play, create a third person project and add assets.

Technical Details
  • 25 Stylized Projectile
  • 55 Impact, Muzzle effects
Type of Emitters: CPU, Beam, Ribbon, mesh emitters
Number of Effects: 80
Number of Textures: 104 (Excluded Mannequin resource)
Number of Materials: 149 (Material 31 + instance Material 118) (Excluded Mannequin resource)
Number of Blueprints: 11
Number of Meshes: 12
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