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V.I.P >4.24 Envir Lunar Base Alpha 4.20

Lunar Base Alpha
What's inside:

  • 14 tutorial videos - each video going over topics throughout the art process
  • Unreal 4 Package/Contents - Containing the final environment
  • Parent shaders and materials which can then use in your own environments
  • All Textures Sets used to create the scene
  • High Poly Source Files - 2 Trim sheets & Detail Decal Sheet
  • Scene Files - in OBJ and FBX format
  • Trim Sheet & Detail Sheet Templates
Link to Cinematic:

Link to Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ygmXn

in this tutorial i go over:
Trim design and modeling
Vertex painting, blending between materials
Texel Density
Height map creation for vertex blending
UVmapping and trim mapping techniques
Scene building
Lighting & Post process
I'm really excited that I can share this with all of you.
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