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Lockpicking Minigame System
Версия Unreal Engine

This pack contains all you need to add simple lock picking minigames, similar to those in Fallout or Skyrim. Beside the Lockpick-Blueprint, this pack contains a Lock-Component for locked objects, a Lock-Picking-Component to add to your player Blueprint and an example Door-Blueprint. Now with the new version, there's also a Lockpick-Box-Blueprint that can be placed in the level. The minigame is created for mouse and gamepad input. Furthermore a gamepad vibration is already built in. The minigame has three difficulties, which also can be extended or adjusted.
Demo meshes, textures, materials, and sounds are already integrated and can easily be exchanged.
All Blueprints are clean, well structured, and commented.
Technical Details
Version 2.0:
  • Changed to a component based system for an even simpler implementation
  • Added collectible lockpick box blueprint
  • Added structure for easy finetuning
  • New lock mesh and materials
  • General improvements
  • Lock-picking minigame blueprint with 3 different lock difficulties
  • Interaction component for character blueprint
  • Component for locked objects with example blueprint
  • Example mesh (Textured), audio-files, and user interface
Number of Blueprints: 6
Input: Mouse & Gamepad
Network Replicated: No
First release
Last update
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