Free BP Loading Screen System 4.24

Loading Screen System
Версия Unreal Engine
Create fully customizable LOADING SCREENS - with Progress indicators, videos, any UI or 3D elements. During Level Transitions as well as on game start. Easy to integrate in your Projects, vastly versatile and functional and entirely yours to design and customize as you see fit.
Designed with convenience in mind. Drop one Actor into your world and set everything up in its details. Call level transitions from anywhere with a single node. The system will handle the transition and smoothly fade into the interactive loading screen and then into your level.

  • Exact Loading Progress Indication (Progress Bars, Percentages)
  • 15 "Content Example"-style tutorial levels included
  • Playable INTERACTIVE loading screens (think Assassin's Creed)
  • MINI GAMES during loading ("Pong" and "Invaders" examples included)
  • VIDEO Playback during loading
  • Loading screens during LEVEL TRANSITIONS and on STARTUP
  • Use different loading screens in a single project
  • Fully customizable UMG overlays (Random Game Hints example included)
  • Support for "Press To Continue" option
  • Advanced features: Event Handling, Latent Actions (see doc)

Update 27-Mar-2020: Hotfix addressing minor issues with Engine version 4.24.3
Technical Details
  • Number of Blueprints: 11+ (2 Actors, 5 Components, 2 Function Libraries, 2 Interfaces) + DemoContent
  • Number of included levels: 15 tutorial scenes (47 including sublevels)
  • Network Replicated: No
  • Platforms Tested: PC (should work on all platforms)

Documentation: includes 15 tutorial levels with the following setup and usability examples:
  1. Minimal Setup, Drag&Drop Example
  2. Blueprint Only Setup, everything spawned and set up in BP
  3. Reference Handling, access the actor reference
  4. Switching between Multiple Loading Screens
  5. Level Persistence, keep level in memory after transition
  6. Advanced Event Handling, access to all dispatchers
  7. Progress Bars
  8. Main Menu & Pause Menu Example
  9. User Interface handling
  10. Advanced Loading Order
  11. Transition via OpenLevel
  12. Mini Game in Loading Screen example: Pong
  13. Mini Game example: “SpaceShooter”
  14. Video Playback
  15. Pawn Handling

Additional Information
  • The system is intended as a framework to be utilized with your own artwork - included scenes and UIs are considered templates / examples
  • Extensive Blueprint Function Library included
  • Tested with Blueprint Nativization
  • Uses Level Streaming (requires use/addition of a root level, please see documentation)
  • Progress Bar functionality, if enabled, requires installation of a free code plugin (see doc)
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