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Line Of Sight. Dynamic mesh.
Версия Unreal Engine

The component creates a field of view (Field of vision) and allows you to detect objects. It can also be used in postprocess for a pseudo lighting and fog of war effect.

Easy use in blueprint.

  • 2 geometric types: arch and line.
  • Creates 2 arches.
  • Rotate along X, Y, Z. Not only Z (Top-Down games).
  • High performance, the component is written in C ++.
  • Can be used in 3D and 2D games.
  • Can be used for pseudo lighting (example in the screenshot).
  • Easy to use in blueprint. For minimal functionality, only two functions need to be called.
  • Additional functions for interpolation of angles, radius, rotation. Watch the video preview.
  • Detection of enemies occurs even if the mesh is invisible.

Technical Details​

Number of C++ Classes: 1
Network Replicated: No (The component can be run on the client and on the server. To notify other players, create a Custom Event with replication -> Multicast).
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