V.I.P 4.25 BP Legacy Side Scroller 4.25

Legacy Side Scroller
Версия Unreal Engine
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Legacy Side Scroller is a sweet blueprint pack. Add it to your rad project, give your game that classic arcade flavor that kids just love, and make all the nerds jealous of your badass dev skills.

♠ Double jump
♠ Dash
♠ Charged jump
♠ Two awesome firing modes for crushing mobs up close or pwning noobs from a distance
♠ Lives tracking
♠ Press ‘P’ to toggle that sweet sweet retro aesthetic
♠ Targeted zooming
♠ Win and lose conditions
♠ 8-bit sounds
♠ Totally rad particle effects
♠ Live mini map
Technical Details
Included In This Pack:
• Blueprints [x13]
• Materials [x23]
• Textures [x29]
• Sounds [x16]
• Particle Effects [x12]
• Radness [x∞]

Platforms: Windows and Mobile