V.I.P 4.25 BP Laser Reflection The Game V4.3

Laser Reflection The Game
Версия Unreal Engine
  • A powerful laser system (only one blueprint actor) who detect:
  1. Collisions with actors.
  2. Movements of the laser or hit actors.
  3. Reflection (infinity loop with secure limitation).
  • Full playable character with the powerful laser weapon (playable with Mouse / Keyboard / gamepad).
  • Modular Blueprint Platforms with many options:
  1. Activate / Deactivate / Delete laser or platform movement with delay time.
  2. Choose movement direction and location with or without lasers (up / down / left / right and 360/180/90 degree rotation on the sides or up).
  • Sounds effects (Creative Commons 0 freesound.org ).
  • Original music by Tonesprod.fr remixed by Terribilis Studio.
  • Inventory System.
  • Optimized : Good framerate, no loop crash , no make laser each time, use parent / child system.