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Coin 4.25 Props Lamps Sci-Fi 4.25

Lamps Sci-Fi
Версия Unreal Engine

All components have been created so as to achieve the best visual quality while maintaining optimal performance when they are used in modern computer games. Materials use PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and contain Textures with information types such as Base Color, Roughness, Metallic, Normal Map, Emissive. Each lamp Mesh besides main mid-poly version has also simplified low-poly version, so that it can be used to optimization (it is for using LOD (Level Of Detail) and projects for mobile devices and VR). The Base Material is not optimized for projects that require extensive simplification (such as projects for mobile devices and VR), and will also require individual customisation to a given platform.

Meshes, Base Material and Textures have been specially prepared to give infinitely many and easy possibilities to customize lamps for your unique project and to suit your taste. They were primarily created for interiors, but some will also be suitable for other environments such as exteriors. The Lamps were created for a variety of contexts and locations, for example industrial, military and business, as well as for use in elegant private and entertaining environments, and they are equally appropriate for both modern and futuristic settings.

I leave room for your imagination and for the specific needs of your project.
Technical Details
Lamps: 14
Unique Meshes - Lamps:
16 main models and 16 low-poly versions.
Each lamp use 1 Material Instance.
  • Lamp_ceiling_04 (Triangles: 1420, low-poly: 655)
  • Lamp_ceiling_05 (Triangles: 2794, low-poly: 1116)
  • Lamp_ceiling_05P (Triangles: 1904, low-poly: 752)
  • Lamp_ceiling_06 (Triangles: 1140, low-poly: 418)
  • Lamp_floor_04 (Triangles: 1720, low-poly: 865)
  • Lamp_floor_05 (Triangles: 2794, low-poly: 1116)
  • Lamp_table_01A, Lamp_table_01B, Lamp_table_01C (Triangles: 923, low-poly: 336)
  • Lamp_table_02 (Triangles: 2170, low-poly: 1306)
  • Lamp_table_03 (Triangles: 2366, low-poly: 1014)
  • Lamp_table_04 (Triangles: 1460, low-poly: 705)
  • Lamp_table_05 (Triangles: 2749, low-poly: 1086)
  • Lamp_wall_07 (Triangles: 616, low-poly: 166)
  • Lamp_wall_08A (Triangles: 392, low-poly: 80)
  • Lamp_wall_08B (Triangles: 392, low-poly: 80)
Unique Meshes - Additional: 2
Collision: Yes
LODs: Yes (ready LOD0 and LOD1)
Base Material - Lamps: 1
Material Instances - Lamps: 66
Base Materials - Additional: 8
Textures: 34
  • 18 Lamps PBR Textures with Resolution: 4096x4096
  • 5 Lamps PBR Textures with Resolution: 2048x2048
  • 3 Shared Texture with Resolution (dirt, glass, plasma): 2048x2048 - 4096x4096
  • 8 Mask Textures with Resolution: 128x128 - 2048x2048
IES light profiles: 7
Light Function Materials with Textures: 2
Demo scene: 1
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