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Interactive House
Версия Unreal Engine

Architectural Visualization made for Unreal Engine 4.18.

A highly interactive archviz scene in a beautiful scandinavian style house. There are a lot of details like a hanging umbrella, a moose sculpture on the wall and small artistic adornments.

Both rooms can be viewed in 3 different times of day: morning, afternoon and evening. The interactive features are fantastic for any architecture, construction, real estate or CG professional.

Interactive Floor Plan that show player location and rotation
  • Edit mode with a Free Color Switcher for furniture
  • Change Roughness Intensity for the floor
  • Save Game blueprint to save colors and roughness
  • Camera Experience where you can change FOV (Field of View), DOF (Depth of Field) and take shots of the scene
  • 3 Different Illumination Examples to see the scene in the morning, afternoon and night: changes in real time (see observations below for more details)
  • VR Mode: Enable HMD for visualization and disable widgets and interactivity. OBS: This project is not optimized and have no VR Controls. This function is just to enable and disable HMD.
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