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Free 4.25 Footprint System 4.25

Footprint System
Версия Unreal Engine
With this Footprint System you can spawn various different footprints on a custom number of grounds. This can change your feet state, but also can be easily modified with new states and new grounds. As for now this System provides you with 5 different feet states, 6 different footprint styles and 5 different grounds.

Grounds: Concrete, Sand, Mud, Water and Blood
Foot States: Clean, Sandy, Muddy, Wet, Bloody
Footprints: Barefoot, 2 Shoe, 3 Animal

The state of your feet changes, it takes a certain customizable number of steps for your feet to be clean again. After each step the new footprints are getting less and less visible until they stop being spawned.
Technical Details
Number of Blueprints: 5

List of Features:
- Interface Communicating with the Footprint System
- Footprint Component (can be placed in any Blueprint)
- Footprint Actor (The actuall Footprint with controllable duration)
- 2 Footprint State Changer. Changes the State of your Feet (Clean, Muddy, Sandy, Bloody, Wet, etc.) if walked through. One just changes the state, the other changes the state and also inherits a decal. ( Blood Splatter example )
- Additional modified ThirdPerson Character Blueprint to support and showcase Footprint System.
- Multiplayer support
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