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V.I.P 4.24 VFX FluidNinja VFX Tools 4.24

FluidNinja VFX Tools
Версия Unreal Engine
FluidNinja is a VFX toolkit for Unreal Editor, capable of baking real-time fluid simulation to Flipbooks, Flowmaps,
Materials and Vector fields. Ninja is designed to keep the whole process of VFX creation inside Unreal.

A set of tools integrated on a single UI, supporting quick iteration, rapid prototyping and encouraging users
to build their own library of VFX assets. The core is a material based implementation of the Navier-Stokes fluid
model. The UI is providing interactive controls and a set real-time view ports displaying input and output data.
Control parameters could be saved as a preset.

Cascade particles, bitmaps and a dynamic painter are providing the initial conditions for the simulation

Flipbooks, Flowmaps and 3D Vector field data, plus ready-to-use Container Materials embedding the baked data

Technical Details

  • Real time, parameter controlled fluid simulator with density and velocity output
  • Atlas map and image sequence baker, generating Texture assets and Vector Field data
  • Material generator to automatically embed the baked assets
  • A library of tutorial and sample VFX assets (fires, smoke, plasma, explosions)
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