V.I.P 4.26 BP First Person Story Adventure Template (upd.25.03.21)

First Person Story Adventure Template
Версия Unreal Engine
Technical Details
Update Notes (September, 1. 2020):
  • Removed shadow casting on clue meshes
  • Fixed game freeze after clue has been found in inventory item
  • Universal interaction system
  • Object inspection (with physics simulation)
  • Different letter blueprints
  • Collectible journal entries – Entries show up in player's journal
  • Inventory system for objects and letters
  • Doors, drawers, cupboards
  • Doors can be locked by one click in the details panel, collect key with same ID to open
  • Simple to adapt drawer and cupboard blueprints, add your mesh and as many drawers or doors as you like
  • Collectible flashlight
  • Simple save and load system
  • With integrated example sounds (created by Tomasz Kostkiewicz)
Number of Blueprints: 76 + 7 UI Widgets
Input: Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad

Latest updates

  1. update to 4.26 25.03.21

    23.12.20 Notes: • Minor fixes Files Changed: BP_Master_ReadableLetter...
  2. up 4.26

    up 4.26