Char Enforcer Rig 4.24

Enforcer Rig
Версия Unreal Engine

Retargetable, modular, drone character, perfect for prototyping or making enemies for your game !!!

A drone with exaggerated proportions just to make it interesting, with 3 armor sets ( for now )

Mix and match all the armor parts to create your army of mechanical death machines :D

All materials are customizable so play with the color, metallic, roughness, emissive values and see what you can come up with :)
Technical Details
The rig is made so that animations made for the UE4 default mannequin are retargetable. This way all the animations from animation packs on the UE4 store can be used with the character. LOD tris:

• Base robot frame: 23230 tri
• Lite armor + frame: 36768 tri
• Normal armor + frame: 32514 tri
• Heavy armor + frame: 30890 tri
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