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V.I.P 5.4 Plugins Update Easy Multi Save v1.52

Easy Multi Save
Версия Unreal Engine
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Easy Multi Save is an all-in-one save and load solution that will literally save you a lot of time. It is suited for small and large projects and does not require any C++ knowledge, which makes it a perfect fit for Blueprint only and code projects alike.

Save and load Level Actors, Level and Sub-Level Blueprints, Player, Inventory, Components, Persistent Data or Settings. It also supports one-click saving of complex Blueprint structures for any Actor. All saved data is compressed for minimum file size!

EMS does all the major saving/loading operations for you, even if you only know the UE4 basics. The system has a simple and consistent structure, so you can jump in right away. It supports all kinds of games and apps. It can be compiled for all platforms as well. The design allows for maximum flexibility, while being fully in-line with the standards of UE4: "Work smarter, not harder!"
Technical Details
Main Features:
  • No C++ required.
  • A fast and streamlined way of saving/loading complex game data.
  • Use a single save game or an infinite amount of save slots, along with thumbnails.
  • Save and load Level Actors, Level Blueprints, Player, Inventory and more.
  • Save and load Persistent data like progress.
  • Save and load Components and Child Actors.
  • Use the 'Save Interface' to get save, pre-save and loaded events for an Actor.
  • The system automatically decides what Actors to update or respawn, don't worry!
  • Load and save Actors in streaming levels.
  • Save any variable and use it's loaded data directly.

Advanced Features:
  • Multi-Thread and Deferred Loading to load/save many Actors.
  • Multi-User game support.
  • Clean file structure with a separate folder for each save game.
  • Save recursive Blueprint structures(array inside array etc.) with one click.
  • Save player, game mode or any other Actor as persistent data.
  • Keep old save files relevant after updating your project.
  • Support to share save games between players.
  • Support for saving only the client in network games.
  • Supports a local player profile for settings etc.

Code Modules: Easy Multi Save(Runtime)
Number of C++ Classes: 16
Network Replicated: Supported
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