V.I.P 4.27 BP Dynamic Third Person Sights 4.27+

Dynamic Third Person Sights
Версия Unreal Engine

This Project was made to recreate aiming down sights in third person and make gunplay more immersive. The dynamic crosshair simulate recoil, gun sway and bounce while walking. It includes seven "sight styles" to fit your gun or you can easily add your own textures.

Please Note:

Engine Version 4.27 required

This project is centered around the dynamic crosshairs. Do not expect a full-grown third person shooter template. However you could use this as a base to build one. Everything is commented in Detail but some experience in blueprint scripting / Unreal Engine is required if you want to make changes or implement this into another project.

Technical Details​


  • Very simple Semi-Auto Gun Mechanic (Aim, Shoot)
  • Simple animation blueprint
  • Character blueprint with dynamic crosshairs:
  • Simulate Recoil when shooting (Does not affect player aim)
  • Sway when moving Mouse (affects Player aim, can be turned ON / OFF)
  • Bounce when Character is walking (Does not affect player aim)
  • Seven Styles (13 Textures)
  • Simple target blueprint
  • Very simple gun mesh
  • A free hat (Mesh)

Number of Blueprints: 3
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
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