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V.I.P 4.26 Materials Dynamic Skydome 4.26

Dynamic Skydome
Версия Unreal Engine
This Blueprint Setup (based on different Materials) allows you to easily create realistic, dynamic and customizable sky setups for your game. Control the sun, moon, atmosphere, clouds and stars parameters in realtime. Volumetric Cloud System included. The new Auto Sky Blueprint makes creating unique skydomes very easy. Just drag the Blueprint into your level; lighting, atmospheric effects and all other features will be set up automatically. The Blueprint supports options for the integrated sunlight, clouds, atmosphere, stars, moon and northern lights. Also, you can enable a Day-Night-Cycle option in the blueprint.
New Features: New Auto-Blueprint, Performance optimizations, new Blueprint Parameters
Demo Video:
Tutorial / Auto-Blueprint Overview:
Technical Details
  • Automatic Blueprint
  • Manual Blueprint (Legacy)
  • Sun Settings (Lighting, Inclination, Color, Day-Night-Cycle, Sky Light, Shadows)
  • Clouds Settings (Background Texture, Wind Speed, Clouds Coverage, Saturation)
  • Atmosphere Settings (Sky Atmosphere, Height Fog, Colors, Contrast)
  • Stars (Rotation, Brightness, Texture)
  • Moon Settings (Enable/Disable, Direction, Scale, Moon Phase, Texture)
  • Aurora / Northern Lights Settings (Speed, Intensity, Color)
  • volumetric cloud system (Blueprint)

Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances: 5 Materials, 2 Instances, 1 Material Function
Number of Textures: 25
Texture Resolutions: 512x512, 4096x2048 and 8192x4096 Pixels
Supported Development Platforms: Desktop
First release
Last update
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    update to 4.26