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Coin 4.27 Plugins ‌‌‍‍‎ Update Dynamic Physics Chains and Ropes v1.3

Dynamic Physics Chains and Ropes
Версия Unreal Engine
Dynamic physics chains are fun interactive chains that can be added to any map! Each chain can be adjusted to suit the needs of the developer with ease. Adjustments include (Skeletal meshes, link distance, breaking tension, number of links, attachment type, simulating or not, and more).

A video demonstration of the asset can be found here:
A walkthrough can be found here:

NEW IN 1.1:
  • Can now save out chains as static meshes (see walk though video link)
  • Chains can now have different skeletal meshes per link in a single chain
  • Chains can now randomize their link order (if more than one skeletal mesh type)
  • Added rope skeletal mesh variant
  • Added paperclip skeletal mesh variant
  • Chain physics asset stabilized
  • Added chain blueprint variant that can hold static meshes
  • Added chain gun example map (includes player and physics blocks)
  • Refined both example maps, and updated with new content
  • Fixed bugs

Feel free to provide feedback, and contact me at metascenes@gmail.com for support and/or any questions.
Please rate this asset as it helps me out! Thank you
Technical Details
Asset Features:
  • Easy customizable chain blueprint
  • Chains react with other chains and objects that have collision enabled
  • Chains can be scaled
  • Chains have 4 attachment types
  • Chains can change their skeletal meshes with 6 included variations
  • Chains have an adjustable link breaking threshold
  • Chain link distances can be adjusted
  • Grappling chain gun uses all features of the chain blueprint
  • Grappling chains can attach to hit objects
  • Grappling chains firing and retract speeds can be adjusted
  • Grappling chains can over-shoot and retract if it misses target or runs out of length
  • Fully blueprinted and easily adaptable to any project's needs

Number of Maps: 2
Number of Blueprints: 6
Number of Materials: 4
Number of Material Instances: 4
Number of Skeletal Meshes: 8
Number of Physics Assets: 2

Network Replicated: (No)
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Last update
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    Update to 4.27 v1.3