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V.I.P 5.2 BP Dynamic Locomotion fix for 5.2+

Dynamic Locomotion
Версия Unreal Engine

This is a set of 27 hand-crafted (not motion capture), lightly stylized movement animations for character locomotion.

- Uses the UE4 Mannequin rig.
- All animations have in-place and root-motion variants.
- Includes an example Third Person Blueprint, AnimBP, and several blendspaces to demonstrate how the in-place animations can be used.
- Animations are lightly stylized - perfect for games with a stylized art style, but can still work well with realistic characters.
- Each movement speed has left and right lean variations, allowing natural motion while turning.
- Each movement speed has Start and Stop transition animations. Different Stop animations play depending on which foot is forward when the player stops.
- Source FBX files are located in the SourceFiles folder.

Technical Details
Features: Third person movement and jumping animations
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
Animated: Yes
Number of Animations: 27 in-place + 27 root motion
Animation types: In-Place and Root Motion
First release
Last update
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