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V.I.P 4.25 CP Plugins Dungeon Generator V2 4.25

Dungeon Generator V2
Версия Unreal Engine
Watch the presentation VIDEO and take a look at the DOCUMENTATION
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Tired of manually building dungeons from modular pieces? Want to speed up this process, but keep a high control over the dungeon generation ? Then Dungeon Generator is made for you !

It will generate an entire dungeon for you by :
  • Creating rooms with random shapes
  • Populating rooms with items (Chests, torches, Bookshelves,...)
  • Placing rooms in space, following the pattern you want (grid or BSP)
  • Linking rooms to each other with paths.
Technical Details
Current Version : 2.0
  • Modular
  • Procedural and/or Manual generation
  • You can also generate the Dungeon at runtime
  • Multiple floors
  • Procedural room generation (shape and items) with lots of parameters to control the result.
  • You can also place custom room that you have entirely modeled in 3D (floor and doors will be automatically detected)
  • Procedural placement of rooms (grid or BSP).
  • Manual room editing (add/remove/regenerate/build paths/move...).
  • Several meshes are provided so that you can test everything.
  • A top down and an FPS controller are provided, along with multiple test levels.
  • A travelling system is provided, offering you the possibility to transition from one level to another when the player go through "level doors"
  • A material to see the player through walls is included
  • Example levels with top down controller and FPS controller are included
  • An example with a Cave-style dungeon is provided, showing you how to customize the basic functionalities to create more advanced item placement pattern
Number of Blueprints: 16 for core functionalities + 64 for all variations of room items
Input: The same as the ones in FPS and top down UE4 templates.
Network Replicated: No
First release
Last update
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