V.I.P 4.25 Vehicles Drivable Cars: Essential Megapack - 9 CARS - 3d assets + blueprints 4.25

Drivable Cars: Essential Megapack - 9 CARS - 3d assets + blueprints
Версия Unreal Engine
First collection of our GTA Style Driveable Cars Series. A pack of 9 detailed vehicles fully rigged, with four LODs each one and ready to drive, combined with a 3rd person game template and a modular garage.

Most vehicles are now compatible with Advanced Pack. Cargo Truck and Sportscar will be soon

In Driveable Cars: Essential MegaPack you'll find:
1. Hatchback
2. Sedan
3. SUV
4. Roadster
5. Sports Car
6. Pick Up
7. Van
8. Cargo Truck with three variations
9. Exo Car
10: Modular garage
Technical Details
if you want to use our cars in your games check our migration tutorial

  • UE4 Third person template movement functions
  • UE4 Vehicle template driving functions (throttle, turn, brake, rear gear)
  • Enter/exit car
  • Toggle lights
  • Change camera (inside – outside)
  • Camera zoom and orbit (outside)
  • Smoke Particle Systems
  • Interactive car dashboard (RMP and Speed)
  • Sounds
  • Start engine
  • RMP related engine sound + gear up decay
  • Open/close doors
  • Impact Sounds

All blueprints are child blueprints from the same parent.
Cars with extra meshes or variations are easily configurable through check and combo boxes.
CarPaint material with dirt and damage parameters. Uses ambient occlusion and curvature maps when available.

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