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V.I.P 4.25 BP Doors Ahoy! Smart doors and door interactions 4.25

Doors Ahoy! Smart doors and door interactions
Версия Unreal Engine

This advanced door or window mechanics simplifies the ability to add iterative doors to your scenes.
Simply drop the door and switch blueprint actors to your scene, assign the switches to the doors, and specify the switch trigger to action behavior.

Example trigger to action combinations:
On approach -> open
On hit key -> toggle lock/unlock
On depart -> close
... 24 possible combinations

Trigger types:
On approach, on depart, on input key, automatic timer, on hit target area or button.

Door actions:
Open, close, toggle open/close, lock, unlock, toggle lock/unlock. Configured by UI or by event calling.

Core Door styles
Flap door, folding, revolving, layered, sliding and Iris/shutter doors.

Door Configurations
Single vertical, single horizontal, double vertical, double horizontal

Pre-configured doors
40x Ready to use via drag and drop to scene, residential, commercial, industrial and scifi doors styles.
Technical Details
  • Physically simulated with door spring and spring tension.
  • Stop on obstructive actors.
  • Indicator display, and switch highlighted states.
  • Multiple triggers or switched for multiple or single door.
  • Ability to use custom open/close sounds.
  • Ability to use custom meshes for door flap and door frame.
  • Ability to lock/unlock and even lock your self out!
  • Includes household and sci-fi door meshes, materials and sounds.
  • Easily interactions and with various meshes for styles customization

Number of Blueprints: 44
Input: Keyboard E for demonstration purposes.
Network Replicated: Yes (non input key interactions)
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Meshes: 70+, up to LOD4
First release
Last update
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