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V.I.P 4.25 BP Dismemberment Gore System N/A

Dismemberment Gore System
Версия Unreal Engine

This comprehensive dismemberment system contains a huge swathe of content to allow your characters to gib and explode in showers of gore, turning lifeless ragdolls into ripe watermelons. Our scalable dismemberment system allows you to have as many dismemberable pieces (or gibs) as you desire. All you need is any 3D software (3DS Max, Maya, Blender etc.) to split up your character.

To demonstrate the system’s capability, this project comes with:

  • Fully rigged and animated zombie with simple AI mechanics
  • 77 dismembering zombie parts, from skull fragments and brain matter to severed limbs
  • Rigged and animated triple-barrelled shotgun with reload shells
  • Simple FPS mechanics and zombie-spawning system to demonstrate the joy of de-limbing zombies
  • Smart character materials with dynamic blood masks and dissolving VFX
  • Particle effects and decals, from a muzzle-flashing shotgun to Substance-designed blood decals
  • Swampy marshland environment with handcrafted Substance textures, murky water and dense foliage

This Unreal Project is packed with enough content to simply plug our zombie gibbing system straight into your game or even start a new game with our template.

Technical Details
Asset Contents:
  • 12 blueprints, including Base and Child characters, AI and player blueprints
  • 2 Levels, one basic demonstration and an example swamp level
  • 15 Materials, including environment, character and decal materials
  • 5 Particle effects, for blood and weapon effects
  • 3 Skeletal meshes, Player weapon, player arms and example zombie
  • 102 static meshes, 77 gibs for example zombie and other environment meshes
  • 50 textures
  • 6 Wavs
  • 6 Audio cues

Input: Keyboard/Mouse
Supported Development Platforms: Windows/Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows/Mac
First release
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