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Free SFX Different Footsteps Sound System (FPS) - Blueprint 4.24

Different Footsteps Sound System (FPS) - Blueprint
Версия Unreal Engine
This project contain several sets of sounds for each surface, which are played in random order depending on the location of the character.
The interval between sounds depends on the speed of the character. So, for example, moving in a squat, the sounds of steps will be played slowly having a wider
interval than when running.
Also, the interval between sounds depends on the length of the step. By default, it is 95 cm. But you can easily change it to your own. For example, if the step
is only 10 cm, then the sounds will play very often.
Existing surface types: Wood, Snow. Earth (Ground), Carpet, Concrete, Creaky Wood, Sand and Stairs sounds. You can always easily add or change your own surfaces and sounds by following a very simple instruction. A flexible system allows you to change any material to the desired and reproduce sound on a new surface.


Technical Details
Technical Details:
  • Number of Audio tracks: 98
  • Number of Audio Cues: 8
  • Sample rate \ bit rate: (44,1 kHz , 16 bit)
  • Does music\audio loop: No
  • Number of Blueprints: 1
  • Intended Platform: PC
  • Platforms Tested: PC
  • Documentation Included: Yes
First release
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