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V.I.P 4.24 BP Dialogue Tree and Quest System N/A

Dialogue Tree and Quest System
Версия Unreal Engine

With newest update - Dialogue Tree is now a complex story builder system, the system can create very complex dialogues with non-linear consequences and quests, our dialogues do have built-in cinematics manager, choices, sounds, multi-slot animations, advanced camera system, now this dialogue system can fit any type of project and can be adjusted to your project needs.
Quest system that can work separately from dialogues, with ability to create multi tree quests, with non-linear consequences, ability to control quest flow on the fly, can fit any type of project.
Bonus minimap system with world to 2d and back conversion, customizable icons, multiple world map areas can be used at once, supports capture and texture minimaps.

Does include subsystems from MSL toolkit, fully working localization and saving system, system does already include save/loading functional that loads dialogues/quests at any moment, feature to localize dialogues/quests to other languages, includes settings system from MSL toolkit with input functions, can be replaced by full version of MSL toolkit if you own it.

The price will be increased for new update due the system became more extensive
we spent a lot of our time and effort for it, we hope for your understanding.
Technical Details
  • Complex dialogue builder with additional quest and minimap system.
  • Easily can fit any project, can be used to build any dialogue types.
  • Works in single player only, not replicated.
  • Many editable features, includes save-loading and localization support.
  • Dialogues can use cinematic sequences and animations.
  • Bonus blueprint systems from MSL toolkit.

Number of Blueprints: 1 system actor, 1 component.
Input: Gamepad/Keyboard/Mouse
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Consoles, Mobile/Tested only on Win
Supported Target Build Platforms: All/Tested only on Win
First release
Last update
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