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Dialogue Plugin
Версия Unreal Engine

Dialogue Plugin allows you to easily create dialogues within UE4 using a custom node-based editor.


• Voiceover support

• Conditions and Events

• Variables in text (e.g. %charname%)

• Rich Text support

• Customizable appearance

• Doesn't require third party software

• Source code included

Technical Details
List of Modules:
• DialoguePlugin: (Runtime)
• DialoguePluginEditor: (Editor)

Technical Features:
• A new data asset type "Dialogue"
• A custom editor for that data asset, in form of a node based editor written in Slate
• A demo UMG widget used to display the dialogue in game, that can be duplicated and customized by the user
• Some icons and art for the node editor

Intended Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Latest updates

  1. Update to UE 5.0 v1.5

    Update to UE 5.0 v1.5
  2. add UE 4.27 ver 1.4

    add UE 4.27 ver 1.4
  3. add 4.26

    add 4.26