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Free >4.24 DevTon Mountain Lake Landscape 4.22+

DevTon Mountain Lake Landscape
Версия Unreal Engine

This Mountain Lake landscape features an advanced master material, with 4k textures. There are 6 paintable layers, as well as an auto cliff generation system based on a slope function. An additional layer has been added to the landscape material to include snow at high elevations based on height function. This landscape material can be applied to any landscape. All meshes have manually configured LOD's and lightmaps, allowing them to be used in static lighting scenes. This scene also includes a particle system allowing for a snow blowing effect. Wind background sounds have been included.

#Included Maps
- Overview
- ShowRoom_HQ (High Quality, recommended for higher-end PC's, for cinematics and rendering)
- ShowRoom_MQ (Medium Quality, i7 6700 & GTX 1070, averange fps 38-60)
- ShowRoom_LQ (Optimized, i7 6700 & GTX 1070, avarange fps 45-70)

#Included Type of Meshes:

- 1x Water Plane
- 1x Log Tree
- 5x Trees
- 2x Fence
- 6x Wood Parts (logs, wood planks)
- 2x Stumps
- 4x Rocks
- 13x Low Ground Foliage (grass, small bushes, flowers)
- 2x Big Bushes

Technical Details
Props scaled to Epic Skeleton: No
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Collision: Yes - automatically generated
Vertex Count: 63 - 9802
LODs: 2-3
Number of Meshes: 35
Number of Materials: 8
Number of Instance Materials: 45
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variations: Yes
Number of Textures: 143
Texture Resolution: Most textures are 4k, however there are 2k and 1k textures for smaller foliage and tree branches.
First release
Last update
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