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Free Dead Hills Landscape v2.0 4.24

Dead Hills Landscape v2.0
Версия Unreal Engine
Note: As of 4.23 you might need to input a large value for "Start Distance" in Exponential Height Fog settings.

This landscape is part of "AFFORDABLE LANDSCAPES 1" bundle.

Dead Hills Landscape v2.0 is a reboot of the original package that was released back in 2016. It is a 64 Square Kilometers landscape, taking you into the barren and unpleasant, yet breath taking hills where nothing grows. The environment is semi dynamic. You have moving cloud shadows from the sky that influence the fog, creating volumetric shadows. Go ahead and take a walk into this atmospheric piece of land. Change the look of the atmosphere by using any of the 17 Color Lookup Tables that are included in this package.

• Surface customization through material instance parameters.
• Controllable distance based landscape tessellation.
• Library of custom plug and play functions.
- Global Normal Variation
- Distance Tessellation
- Displacement Fade
- Fresnel Correction
- Distance Fade
- Mask Modifier
- Cloud Panner
• 64 Square Kilometers of playable area.
• Fully heightmap based layer blending.
• Dynamic Layered Cloud shadows.
• Paintable landscape layers.
• 17 Color Lookup Tables.
Technical Details
PBR: Yes
Texture size: Up to 4K
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: No
[10] Material Functions
[3] Material Instances
[1] Landscape
[29] Textures
[3] Materials
[1] Mesh
First release
Last update
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