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Darker Nodes
Версия Unreal Engine

Darker Nodes is a modern theme for the Unreal Editor.
Its purpose is to improve the feeling of the editor, and reduce the mental load of the complex interface.

  • Reduce high contrast changes
  • Flat colors instead of gradient
  • Thin icons instead of 3D
  • More subtle unchecked radio buttons/checkboxes
  • Remove of gloss in blueprints

You can find a few screenshots and GIFs of different parts of the editor here.
Getting Started | FAQ | Support topic

WARNING: The straight blueprints wires are not included, it's another plugin called Electronic Nodes.

Don't hesitate to suggest modifications on the Github forum!
Technical Details
  • Interface flat design
  • Blueprint nodes flat design
  • Button/textboxes redesign
  • 36 thin icons specially designed (and their variants)

  • 3 grey levels (dark, darker, darkest)
  • 3 temperature levels (cool, normal, warm)
  • 3 primary color (orange, cyan, white)
  • Ability to disable new icons
  • Ability to disable blueprint grid
  • Customize the colors of the theme (background, primary, text)
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