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V.I.P 4.25 Materials Customizable Water Master-Material (Vertex Paintable) 4.25

Customizable Water Master-Material (Vertex Paintable)
Версия Unreal Engine

Click to Watch the Teaser

Important: Foliage such as grass, mushroom and textures such as leaves and Lilly-pad are from
Megascans. They are just there for demonstration purpose and they are not included inside the package.(Moss texture is included)

If you are eligible to use Megascans Assets you can download the vertex-paint textures from the preview here:
Vertex-paint Textures:
Leaves texture
Dollarweed Leaves

Assets and foliages:
Red mushroom
Ribbon grass
Mossy stones pack
Top police car
Wood boards
How to use:
Click to Watch Tutorial
1) Refraction with adjustable intensity, opacity, etc. (on/off switch)
2) Raindrop ripples effect on the surface. (on/off switch)
3) 2 vertex-paint channels enabling you to paint Moss, Leaves, lily pads, or anything you want on the surface of the water. (on/off switch for each channel)
4) Adjustable tile size for each vertex paint material. Adjustable speed and intensity for the movement.
5) Replaceable normal map for waves pattern enabling you to choose your tileable normal map.
6) Adjustable size, intensity, and speed for waves normal map.
7) Dynamic foam and ripples around the intersecting objects and shoreline. Adjustable spread radius, speed, opacity, and color for the foam. (on/off switch)
8) Adjustable depth parameter.
9) Adjustable colors for shallow and deep areas with contrast control between them.
10) World displacement Gerstner waves. (on/off switch)
11) 2 Gerstner wave variation with adjustable size, speed, height, and wavelength for each set and one overall intensity controller.
12) Tessellation multiplier.
13) The material is tiled all over the world allowing you to resize your water plane without any change in the size of waves or patterns. Also enabling you to snap each piece of the plane together without any seam line.
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