V.I.P 4.27 5.0 5.1 BP Complete Menu System (Singleplayer) 4.27-5.1

Complete Menu System (Singleplayer)
Версия Unreal Engine
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Here you will find a complete main menu for Create/Continue/Load your game, a complete options menu with all parameters you need for your game. The widgets that you'll need to configure your controls, graphics, audio and gameplay settings are already pre-made and ready to use.

Easy to use and completely customizable, this asset is documented with comments and fully functional, the menu is ready to be integrated into a game.

100% blueprint, no c++.

Technical Details​

Supported Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse and Xbox 360 Gamepad.
Beware, can override project inputs.

List of features :
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Complete game menu ready to use, no action needed.
  • Pre-made widgets, easy to customize.
  • Create, Continue, Load a game.
  • Pause menu with option menu.
  • Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad, binding at runtime.
  • Graphic, Video and Audio setting, change at runtime.
  • Settings are saved on disk and re-applied when game start.
  • Blueprints and widgets allow you to change your settings (Control, Audio, Display, Graphic and Gameplay).
  • Create new Action/Axis mapping.
  • Create new Graphic/Display setting.
  • Create new Sound setting.
  • Create new Interface & Gameplay setting.
  • Rename for keybinding shortcut.
  • Clean Blueprint with comments.
  • Can block an input type (Example: only Gamepad).
  • Full Keyboard/Mouse and Gamepad support.
  • Credits.
  • Optimized.

Technical Details :
  • Number of Function Library: 1
  • Number of Interface Blueprint: 1
  • Number of Game Instance: 1
  • Number of Game Mode Blueprint: 1
  • Number of Controller: 1
  • Number of Character: 1
  • Number of Blueprint: 3
  • Number of Widget Blueprint: 21
  • Number of Save Game Blueprint: 2
  • Number of Structure: 15
  • Number of Enumeration: 16
  • Number of Textures: 18
  • Number of Materials: 4
  • Number of Sound Mixer: 4
  • Number of Sound Class: 4
  • Number of Wave: 3
  • Number of Cue: 2
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