V.I.P 4.24 Vehicles Colibri 4.24

Версия Unreal Engine
With this project you can save your time while you are building the infrastructure of the interactions between your character and the vehicle of your game. The character can drive the car, get in and get out of the car with animations. It's a combined system with third person and first person views.

Colibri has also realistic physics with improved roll, yaw and pitch behaviour while it accelerates, brakes, turns corners and shifts gear.

Update Notes: (26/07/2018)
  • Interaction structure improved(walking to interaction point and rotation to interaction direction automatically),
  • Third person character includes all the animations for the interaction of Revenge, Crypto, Shoebill and Strelitzia,
  • Sound attenuation adjusted,
  • Vehicle Mesh improved (front roll bar and rims)
Technical Details
-Entering/exiting car
-Engine, tire squeal, supercharger, wind and blow-off sounds
-Gear shifting effect
-Functional front suspensions
-Functional steering wheel
-Functional rear- and frontlights
-Analog and digital gauges for rpm and speed
-Two car camera
-Touch interface for Android

Features of the Character:
-Third person perspective
-First person perspective
-Car entering and exiting animations
-Steering wheel controlling
-Gear shifting animation

The asset includes:
-1 Demo level
-1 High quality vehicle mesh with 62K faces
-1 Low quality vehicle mesh with 46K faces
-1 Vehicle blueprint
-1 Vehicle animation blueprint
-1 Character blueprint
-1 Touch interface
-37 Materials
-29 Textures with 2048 x 2048 resolution
-9 Normal maps
-9 Audio Files
-2 Tutorial blueprints