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V.I.P 4.24 Envir City Subway Tunnel 4.24

City Subway Tunnel
Версия Unreal Engine

New York style underground subway tunnel created for the Unreal Engine.

This project includes everything pictured with all assets, maps, materials, blueprints, and vfx created in the Unreal Engine. Each asset was created for realistic AAA quality visuals, style, and budget.

• Intuitive and simple spline design allowing for quickly placing and creating the tunnel or similar scene
• Spline master controls with randomized piece placement along the spline
• Over 125+ mesh assets
• 80+ props ranging from signs, trash, power boxes, and more
• Master material set up that control the majority of all props and models
• Master material on floor surfaces to control dirt and wetness
• Master material on wall surfaces to control dirt and decay
• Material setups such as fog and lighting rays
• Blueprint for easy light rig setup
• Multiple Lookup Tables (LUTs)
• 30+ Grunge, graffiti, and decay decals
• Cinematic Post Processing and setup
• Tileable texture sets for concrete, damaged concrete, stained concrete, trash, leaks, rusted metal, and many more.

Technical Details
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Collision: Custom generated in engine
Vertex Count: 64,597
LODs: No (Only base LOD)
Number of Meshes: 124
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 109
Number of Textures: 265
First release
Last update
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