Coin 5.1 Char ‌‌‍‍‎ Update Character Customizer 08/01/2023

Character Customizer
Версия Unreal Engine
Versatile, general purpose character customizer

  • Multiplayer compatible
  • Characters can be customizer from the main menu, or using standalone customization pawns in the level
  • Can be used with any character that has blend shapes or material parameters to modify
  • Each character can have their own unique customization options
  • Fully gamepad compatible
  • Complete animation system with jogging, walking, sitting, weapon blending, driving and various other poses
  • Speed Warping, Foot IK, Hand IK
  • Interactable car system with spline-based autopilot
  • Customizable options menu with graphics, audio and key bindings sub-menus
  • Additional components for dialogue, NPC behavior, tools and combat
  • 3rd Person and 1st Person Modes

4.26-5.01: Version 5
Before 4.26: Version 4

Technical Details​

  • Fully networked
  • 74 blend shapes with different shapes for nose, eyes, mouth etc
  • 4 different skin textures
  • Tint options for lips, skin, eyes
  • Options randomizer
  • Data Table-based apparel, hair and NPC options
  • Comes with roughly 30 clothing items per gender, can easily add your own custom made clothing
  • 18 hairstyles and 4 beards with both groom and polygon versions
  • Dynamic save and load system - automatically saves material parameters of any character mesh
  • Live Link compatible FACS-based facial animation blend shapes
  • 3 included Tools - Assault Rifle, Baseball Bat, Flashlight

Rigged: Yes
Animations: Locomotion, aiming, sitting, driving, hit react, death, various idle poses
Number of Characters: 3
Vertex Counts of Characters: 72525 triangles, 3 LODs at 100%, 30% and 5% triangle count respectively
Texture Resolutions: 512x512 - 4096x4096
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