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V.I.P 4.24 Anim Character Conversation - MoCap Pack 4.24

Character Conversation - MoCap Pack
Версия Unreal Engine
Sketchfab 3D Viewer: Conversation Animations
PDF motion list: Convo Animation List

Various types of behavior while talking, gesturing, and different emotional states.

• Fingers are animated expressively.
• Full length extended source animations with continuous variations, each over 60 sec.
• Looped versions, each approximately 30 sec.
• Directional animations have multiple looped versions, one for each direction.
• 12 basic Styles:
• Low Key, Upbeat, Animated, Very Animated, Argument 1, Argument 2, Sad, Directions Left/Right,
• Gesturing to Side Left/Right, Big Idea, Listening, Gesturing Up Left/Right/Center
• Root motion.
Technical Details
  • Update: v2
  • Engine 4.15 - 4.xx
  • For Engine 4.14 and previous: - All FBX Source animation files are included and can be imported easily.
  • Epic Skeleton and Animation assets only, no blueprints or controllers.
  • All animations are on the stock UE4 Epic Skeleton with IK bones.
  • All animations with Root Motion.
  • "A" reference Pose, for use with the Retarget Manager. It can be switched to "T" and back with the included "A" and "T" pose FBX files. Details here: A and T Pose Conversion
  • FBX source files are also included as single Take animations on the UE4 Epic skeleton, ready for direct import on any other character using the default UE4 Epic skeleton. They are in “\Project\Source\FBX\” (not visible in the editor) along with other files and documentation.
  • A Motionbuilder and Maya file is included with the UE4 template skeleton setup with the the HIK rig.
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