V.I.P 4.25 Envir Cemetery Full Pack 4.25

Cemetery Full Pack
Версия Unreal Engine

Contains all of the necessary and sufficient content needed to create a level such as a gloomy & decrepit cemetery.

There are tombstones, statues, foundations, postments, crypts, candles, lamps, roads, fences, growth, foliage, trees, fences, chapel, entrails chapel, terrain, dark sky, and FX.

Technical Details
  • Contains all the necessary and sufficient content to create a level like a graveyard.
  • There are tombstones, statues, foundations, crypts, candles, lamps.
  • Modular road and intersections, road based on splines for curved road shapes.
  • Modular fences of different types, gates.
  • Modular small fences.
  • Trees, foliage and growth. Some foliage includes a flutter animation.
  • Precasting foundation.
  • Chapel with all the necessary internal content, doors.
  • The Chapel building is assembled from 2 parts, external and internal, for optimization.
  • Some models created using combination of photogrammetry and 3D sculpting
  • Some objects are made in the classic way.
  • Some objects have LODs.
  • Layer material for terrain included.
  • The sky is included.
  • FX fire candles, FX rain, FX breaking rain included.
  • The level with configured and prepared example of use, like in presentation is included.
Texture Sizes:
  • 16x16: 4
  • 64x64: 2
  • 128x128: 3
  • 512x512: 7
  • 1024x1024:79
  • 2048x2048:72
  • 4096x4096: 24
  • 1024x2048: 2
  • 1024x4096: 1
Collision: Yes, automatically generated & custom
Vertex Count: 8 - 13,216
LODs: Yes
Number of Meshes: 255
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 34 Materials and 102 Instances
Number of Textures: 203
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