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V.I.P >4.24 Char Brutal Butcher 4.22

Brutal Butcher
Версия Unreal Engine
rev 2.0
  • Now Brutal Butcher is rigged to Epic Skeleton! Soon the video tutorial to easy retarget animations.

Update (1.2)
  • Fixed death animation. Now can be blend correctly with stand up animation.
  • Fixed some skin problems

Update 1.1
  • Now Brutal Butcher support 4 LODs;
  • Facial Mask now is an optional prop;

Brutal Butcher is inspired by freaky horror films. It was made for productions which want create very creepy horror games with very good quality model. Brutal Butcher is easy to retarget to the Epic Skeleton and can be used for Third person game or as a villain! It includes some animation like Idle, Walk, Attack, Etc. Every texture is very detailed and it is possible customize with a parametric material. It is also possible add a parametric blood texture for every single part of the model. Cleaver is included in the package!

Animation Overview
Technical Details
Full customizable by parametric materials;
Procedural blood textures customizable by parametric materials;
Each material set as base color, metallic, roughness and normal map;
Skeletal Mesh set with cleaver socket;
Number of Meshes: 2

Brutal Butcher Feature:
Number of Character: 2
Rigged to EpicSkeleton: Yes
Retarget to Humanoid EpicSkeleton: Yes
Animated: Yes
Number of Animations: 25
Collision: Yes
Triangles: 45205
Vertices: 28104
LODs: Yes
Number of Master Materials: 3
Number of Material Instances: 7
Resolution of Textures: 2K, 4K

Cleaver Feature:
Number of Assets: 1
Collision: Yes
Triangles: 1710
Vertices: 998
Number of Material Instances: 1
Resolution of Textures: 4K
First release
Last update
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