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Brushify - Moon Pack
Версия Unreal Engine
Create stunning offworld Moon environments with this powerful easy to use pack. This kit is perfect for level designers and environment artists looking get a jump start. As usual, this pack contains shaders that are 100% compatible with all other existing Brushify packages!

Showcase Video:

Contains Brushify Landscape Auto Material. Allow users to paint multiple biomes with ease across huge landscapes. Supports flow mapping, tessellation, roughness, texture lods, optimized shader overdraw.

This pack comes with a playable level with a complete ready-made landscape. Everything you see in the screenshots is provided, along with the powerful shaders and workflows shown in Brushify tutorials.

Merging packs: Brushify packs are designed to be merged. In Epic launcher, click Add to project then Overwrite files.

Tutorials: Learn how to use UE4 with Brushify Bootcamp!
Getting Started tutorial:
Build a level in 1 hour:

More info: www.brushify.io
Technical Details

  • This pack contains a ready-made Moon level already built using the Brushify assets.
  • Contains Moon assets showcase level.

  • 4 Variations of Moon Rocks
  • 3 Variations of Moon Pebbles
  • 4 High resolution (8k) unique Lunar Landscape Brushes (as pictured above)
  • Each Landscape Brush is generated from real world data (tweaked from real crater impact sites in the USA) and is included as both Distance Meshes and Alpha Brushes
  • 8192x8192 Alpha Brush Texture is included that can be used to sculpt Moorland mountains directly into the landscape.
  • 4 separate brushes are stored in the R G B A Channels of the texture.)

Includes all shaders from the Brushify Environment Shaders pack, please check the description here:


Texture Sizes: Foliage and Rock Textures up to 4k resolution, distance terrain Textures are 8k resolution.
Vertex Count: 1000 to 80,000
LODs: All Meshes have 5 LODs
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