Plugins BPThreads 4.25

Версия Unreal Engine

New Features:
  • Added ability to Pause Autolooping Threads
  • Added WeakObjectPointer to safely dereference UObjects from Threads
  • Added ability to use ScopeGuards
  • Added GarbageCollectorScopeGuard
+ General Stability Improvements.
BPThreads Plugin is very useful for off-loading heavy tasks to another thread without writing a single line of code.

You can use custom Mutex, Event, and Thread Safe Boolean for thread synchronization.
The thread can be set to auto-loop and/or auto-start (see tutorial 00:48 sec)

Using this plugin is as easy as adding an actor component and binding a delegate to your function (event), while increasing the performance of your game!
Technical Details
Example project (4.16):

General Stability Improvements.
The plugin wraps C++ threading and synchronization functionality in to blueprint readable objects and nodes.

This plugin includes:
  • Thread Object
  • Mutex Object
  • Event Object
  • Thread Safe Boolean
  • Weak Object Pointer (NEW)
  • Garbage Collector Guard (NEW)

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Network Replicated: No
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