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V.I.P 4.25 BP Blueprint Dialogues 4.25

Blueprint Dialogues
Версия Unreal Engine

Built using Blueprint/UMG and actor components, this dialogue and scripting system enables developers to quickly create dialogue content, empowered by a data-driven design with a myriad of inline text formatting tools and configurable interface options.

Branching and non-branching styles of dialogue are supported; which to use is determined at run-time, according to the response options provided by the developer.

With a data-driven design, content creators are free to choose to work in a spreadsheet editor, or directly in UE4's datatable row editor.

The system can be used for basic text-only dialogue or for more complex conversations with non-linear dialogue; text formatting; inline images; variable text; audio playback; scripted event triggers and conditions; and custom interface layouts.
Technical Details
A set of Actors, Actor Components, and UMG Widgets make up the dialogue system
A default use/interact system is provided as a component based implementation.
Each actor can have one or many dialogue components, allowing for multiple layouts and data tables.
A Speaker Attribute component can optionally be added to give a name and/or portrait to the speaker.
A Script Interpreter actor is a virtual machine for executing programming script from the data table. Custom functions and many standard operators are supported.

UI is built to be inherited to allow any number of additional layouts.

A sample scene is provided to demonstrate all aspects of the system
Branching and Non-Branching
Text-Formatting and Effects
Inline Images
Customized Layouts
Runtime Variables
Scripting and External Events
Audio Playback
Gamepad controls
First release
Last update
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