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Free BP Barbed Wire Spline Tool N\A

Barbed Wire Spline Tool
Версия Unreal Engine
Give your players a hard time, by trapping them in razor sharp barbed wire entanglements.
This pack will allow you to build miles-long wire obstacles, in the quickest and easiest way possible.
We spent a lot of time studying old field manuals and pictures in order to provide historically accurate assets. You can find the following types of barbed wire fencing in this pack:
  • 4 strand cattle fence
  • Concertina / Dannert wire
  • Double apron fence
  • Standard fence
All fences can be used in combination with metal screw pickets or wooden pole supporting elements. The choice is yours.

The pack contains 2 Blueprints:
  • Strand Generator: Allows you to draw a single strand of barbed wire. Automatically adjusts spline mesh count and spacing between each spline point.
  • Fence Generator: Draws a barbed wire fence and supporting elements between two spline points.

  • 2 high quality rocks generated through photogrammetry.
  • Ready to use grass with vertex color and wind.
  • 4K ground material generated through photogrammetry.
Technical Details
General Features:
✔ Authentic / historically accurate representation of assets.
✔ Photorealistic PBR Materials.
✔ Displacement maps + Tessellation over distance, for ground and bark materials.

Blueprint Features:
✔ Easy to use and customize.
✔ Different start and end spline meshes possible.
✔ Collision On/Off switch.
✔ Auto Tangent length.
✔ Auto Surface Alignment.
✔ Random size and yaw (clamped) for supporting elements.

Texture Sizes:
  • 1x T_HDRI: 2048x1024
  • 4x T_Iron_Rusty: 2048x2048
  • 4x T_BarbedWire: 4096x512
  • 5x T_Bark: 1024x4096
  • 5x T_Ground: 4096x4096
  • 1x T_MacroVariation: 2048x2048
  • 3x T_WoodGrain: 1024x1024
  • 3x T_Grass: 4096x2048
  • 5x T_Rock_01: 2048x2048
  • 5x T_Rock_02: 2048x2048

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Collision: Custom made
Vertex Count: 60 to 5000
LODs: 4
Number of Meshes: 19
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 17
Number of Textures: 37
First release
Last update
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