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Bamboo Valley

This package contains a small valley scene constructed using photogrammetry-based rocks, cliffs and bamboos. The assets are suitable for those who would like to build Chinese Kung Fu style environment.

Please note that the showcase scene is not a big open world map and it uses Lightmass static GI as we would like to generate beautiful indirect lighting effect for the indoor cave area.
Technical Details
Most of the assets come with 4k PBR-calibrated textures. However, to comply with the default texture streaming budget, they are LOD-biased to 2k resolution.

PBR Materials: Yes
Photogrammetry-based Assets: Yes

Texture Size : (26) sets of 4k textures for rocks and cliffs
(1) sets of 2k textures for one of the cliffs
(1) sets of 4k textures for bamboos
(4) sets of 4k textures for grasses
(4) sets of 4k textures for terrain layers
(1) sets of 2k textures for rock detail tiling
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
Vertex Count: Around 4k to 10k triangles for most of LOD level 0 meshes
LODs: Four LOD levels auto-generated by the engine
Number of Rock/Cliff Meshes: 27
Number of Rock/Cliff Material Instances: 27
Number of Rock/Cliff Textures: 81
Number of Rock/Cliff Master Materials: 2
Number of Foliage Meshes: 16
Number of Foliage Material Instances: 5
Number of Foliage Textures: 11
Number of Foliage Master Materials: 2
Number of Terrain Material Instances: 1
Number of Terrain Textures: 12
Number of Terrain Master Materials: 1
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