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V.I.P 4.25 Materials Automatic Landscape Material Kit 2020-07-26

Automatic Landscape Material Kit
Версия Unreal Engine
Automatic Landscape Material Kit it's a time-saver when it comes to set up your landscape material. Just apply it to your landscape and it will set everything up for you!
Speed up your productivity avoiding to paint manually the layers, just play with the slope parameters to quickly get your desired look.
Automatic Landscape Material Kit it’s easy to customize, it comes with a rich set of features that you can control in order to create any kind of landscape you like. You can use your textures simply by dragging them into the Material Instance, or setting up your own foliage with one-click.
It’s also designed to be compatible with any terrain sculpting software (like World Creator, World Machine, etc.). You have 3 layers (e.g., grass, mud, rock) for the automaterial and 2 additional layers (e.g., sand, snow) for masking or manual painting. The package comes with 3 preset maps: highlands, arid desert and frozen land.
Technical Details
  • Real-time automatic painting
  • Additional paintable layers
  • Optimized and easy to use
  • Use your own textures in the Material Instance
  • Color noise fully customizable
  • Camera distance tiling avoids tiling repetition
  • Triplanar mapping eliminates the texture stretching over steep areas
  • Camera-based tessellation and displacement for each layer
  • Layers are blended by normals to create a believable blending among layers
  • Auto-Foliage and eraser
  • 3 PRESETS included

Texture Resolutions:
  • 4K
  • 2K

Number of Textures:
  • 30
  • (generally include basecolor, normal, roughness, AO and displacement)

Number of landscape layers:
  • 7 (grass, mud, rock, auto, sand, snow, foliage eraser)
  • each layer can be easily customized by the Material Instance interface

Number of bonus maps:
  • 3 (green mountains, frozen land, desert)

Number of Materials:
  • 1 Master Material
  • 1 Master Material with tessellation
  • 4 Material Instances
  • 12 Material Functions

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: PC, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Mac
Additional Notes: foliage not included
First release
Last update
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