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V.I.P 5.3 Plugins Update Auto Settings v1.25

Auto Settings
Версия Unreal Engine

Demo executable

Drag into your UI and turn any console command into a setting.

Auto Settings is a comprehensive and highly configurable game options and input binding toolkit for Unreal Engine 4 that supports a range of functionality that is standard in modern PC and console games.

It is designed be as fast and simple as possible to use, building on top of and enhancing Unreal's systems so that it is painless to integrate with existing projects.

Using this plugin to create settings and input binding menus requires no code and even no blueprint nodes, simply add the plugin to your project and start placing widgets in your UMG menus.

Technical Details
  • Settings and input binding without code or blueprint, just place widgets in your UI
  • Loads, saves and applies automatically using Unreal's systems
  • Easy to restyle for your project
  • Add a setting by placing a widget in your menu and setting a console variable
  • Use any of the hundreds of Unreal's built in console variables
  • Add new console variables, in code or in blueprint - create additional settings Unreal doesn't have already
  • Apply and save automatically, or have the user press a button
  • Flexible, restylable controls: Radio Buttons, Slider, Spinner, ComboBox, and CheckBox
  • Extend the system with your own widgets for more specific cases
  • Input binding uses Unreal's input system, works with your existing input
  • Place widgets in your menu and choose which action or axis they are for
  • Allow separate mappings per player
  • Handles multiple bindings for the same action, which can also be separated by key groups such as Keyboard and Gamepad
  • Whitelist/blacklist specific keys
  • Modifier keys
  • Display inputs as icons instead of text
  • Access input icon anywhere in your project, always show correct icons
  • Elegant switching between icon sets (XBox, PlayStation, Small, Large, etc)
Code Modules:
AutoSettings - Runtime
No. Blueprints: 17
No. C++ Classes: 34
Network Replicated: No - but still compatible with networked projects
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